Presented by 420 ACCESSORIES 613 Somerset St. West – Ottawa, Canada 

420 card [october2014]-01This is the first portable vaporizer I owned.  The Magic Flight Launch Box may possibly be the smallest and most concealable vape on the market.  It does come with a glass inhaling tube, but as I will discuss later, it’s a good thing you don’t need that to use this unit.

This unit is packaged in a small tin, which contains everything you need for successful vaping.  Inside the tin there is the Launch Box unit itself (no larger than a credit card), 2 rechargeable batteries with a charger, the glass inhaling tube, a cleaning brush, and the user’s guide.  The unit can come in one of three wood varnishes ranging from a deep mahogany to a very light varnish.  The unit that I have is the lightest of the colors.


magic-flight-launch-boxAs far as using vaporizing discreetly, I have found no better unit for being on the down low.  The small size itself makes this unit the best for keeping out from too much attention.  As I said before, the glass tube helps to keep the heat away from your lips, but is not necessary, as you can pull vapor directly from the small box itself.  Not needing this tube is key, as one drop on the floor and bye-bye inhaling tube, especially if it is hot.  One of the perks of this device is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee, and I’m pretty sure I can have a replacement tube shipped to me if need be, as the heat from putting one’s mouth directly on the wooden box can be tough sometime.

This unit does give a good vapor, but the heat cannot be controlled.  I am sure combustion happens at some point, and not wanting to burn and smoke the product is exactly why I purchased the thing in the first place.  Also, the batteries are shit.  Yes, it is pretty easy to carry this unit around, but if you are going to be away from home for any period of time, you will need multiple batteries.  The battery are used by pushing it into the side of the lunch box through a designated hole.  The connection between the battery and the unit is what heats up the coils to make the thing work.  Too many times I have been out and needed to roll and smoke because I had no battery life.  The advent of the USB charger will eventually make units like this obsolete.

magic-flight-lunch-boxOverall, this is one of the best units for keeping shit to yourself and not being a heat score at the bus stop.  That being said, the failure of the battery setup makes this unit much better for stay-at-home use, thus negating the positives of its stealth nature.  I own one, and it did me good for my initial foray into the world of vaping, but sadly it sits gathering dust, as I have found far superior units since then. – FATS