Presented by 420 ACCESSORIES 613 Somerset St. West – Ottawa, Canada 

420 card [october2014]-01Last week, we tried out one of the fancy pants vaporizers; not the highest of the high-end units, but definitely not at the low-end either.  This week, we are going to the bottom of the price range.  This week we are looking at the AGO G5 HERB PEN VAPORIZER.
As far as sleekness and size goes, this unit is ideal for being conspicuous and not a fucking heat score.  It feels very nice in your hand, with its rubber grip.  The unit comes apart at three main places; the mouthpiece comes off, giving access to the heating coil area where you pack your product.  This part of the unit is easily screwed off from the base of the pen, making for easy clean up.  When it comes to aesthetics, this unit is top drawer for sure.  Within these broken down parts, other small parts do come apart for easy cleaning and periodic replacement.  Like many units on the market these days, pushing the start button 5 times turns the machine both on and off.  Holding the start button for 3 second heats the coil, and hitting it again shuts it off.  This saves your product from waste.

maxresdefaultWhere the unit fails miserably, is it’s claim as a vaporizer in the first place.  Yes, a somewhat easy modification stops combustion of the herb, but without this modification your herb sits directly on the heating device, burning the product making smoke.  Out of the box, without a personal modification, this unit is nothing more than a pipe.  If the material smokes, and what you end up getting is smoke, than it is, by definition, NOT a vaporizer.  That being said, the somewhat simple placement of a screen that fits so your herb never touches the heating coil directly will allow this device to create vapor.  Maybe it’s me, because I can be an asshole from to time, but why do I need TO fucking MacGyver something to make it do what it claims it does.  It’s pretty fucking stupid actually.

Not to worry, if you make your way down to 420 Accessories, that dude will fix your wagon good.  This unit retails for a measly $35 CDN, and I’m sure the fucking annoying, yet simple modification can be done in-store under the guidance of well-trained stoners/staff.  The unit smokes well, once modified to vape, is very portable and easy to hide from debbie downers, and at such a low price it is the best way to introduce yourself to vaping.  If you know what you want, and you have the cash to spend, I recommend going a bit more hardcore than this unit, but if you’re simply interested in seeing what it’s all about and have $35 to burn (get it modified and it won’t burn anything, arg), then this little unit may be just want you want.  I’m just pissed that AGO has their heads shoved up their arses about telling me it’s a vaporizer, when what they have sold me is a pipe I need to mod to make a vape.  For that, I say fuck you – dirty pool fuckers.  But… with the interweb and it’s vast alleys of whatnot, it ain’t hard to figure out how to mod this cheap, yet decent, unit.

In summary, the AGO G5 HERB PEN VAPORIZER is cheap, easy to use, satisfactory at getting you gibbled, but lies to you right from the start.  It is not a vaporizer until you mod the fucking thing.  They should give their heads a shake and fix the next model.  Outside of that, it looks good and is easily concealed while standing outside waiting for the bus with the old ladies, and is probably what you want to try before deciding to invest big cash on one of the real fancy models of vaporizer we’ll talk about over the coming weeks on BLUNT INSTRUMENTS. – FATS