SongoftheDay: TOM SAWYER by RUSH

How can you talk about Canadian music and not talk about Rush?  I’ve seen this band numerous times, and I think Dan and I even saw them together once; yeah that time they played 2112 in its entirety.  That was killer.  I chose Tom Sawyer as my pick to highlight Rush because of our guest this week on the show.  I wanted to remind Dean Delray of how much we Canadians have to deal with fucking winter, and to what effect it has on our psyche, and subsequently our style.  Just look at what these fucking dudes are wearing in this video.  I know it’s 1981, and I’ve said it before – anything from 1979 to 1983 can go fuck itself.  Well, Rush never let style get in the way of good fucking tunes.  Nerds unite – Rush is King.  This one’s for you Dean.

SongoftheDay: TOM SAWYER by RUSH