B-xtEk5VIAEO0jSTo be honest, I had no idea who Dean Delray was until I heard Bill Burr go on about him on his Monday Morning Podcast show.  I’ve been listening to Bill Burr for just over a year now, and still piss myself every week.  It’s that ‘go fuck yourself’ attitude mixed with intellect, irrational passion for sports, and undying love for AC/DC that makes me feel like I know this guy.  I mean, I understand how one could get loud and obnoxious when it comes to sports; I’ve been down that road.  What amazes me the most about this guy is that he continuously, without fail, shows up for the podcast and talks for like 2 fucking hours nonstop.  I don’t think I have cooked a meal in my house on a Monday without ‘Ol’ Freckles’ playing on my iPad.  I listen to a few other podcast shows during the week, and many of them advertise for the same products.  These guys call this advertisements ‘reads’, as they are supposed to read the copy the company wants them to read.  Well, no one ‘reads’ that copy better than Bill Burr.  Check out this copy for a new underwear company.

BILL BURR – MeUndies


The fucking guy gets on that mic each and every week, starts firing off rage against whatever he fucking wants, takes Yankee fans to task on everything, calls it how he see’s it, answers some of the most hilarious fanmail, and just doesn’t give a fuck if you like him or not.  I’ve missed comedy of this nature for far too fucking long, and am real glad this ginger from another minger (ya, go fuck yourself) is with me each week.  AND, the fucking guy is now adding a Thursday podcast, yet to be named, that only brings him over to my place all that more.  As much as I love his specials, it’s his ever-relevant weekly rants that keep me coming back for more., and his irrational passion for sports makes me feel like a brother to this guy.

BILL BURR Wants Charities Out Of Sports – CONAN