Podcast Episode XVI: DEAN DELRAY


Everyone has seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Yeah, that movie with Sean Penn playing that awesome surfer Jeff Spicoli who orders pizza delivered to his class at the behest of Mr. Hand.  That California surfer accent is so recognizable.  Well, it you close your eyes while this week’s guest talks, you can almost smell the waves on the beach.  The beach of fucking rock and roll that is!

dean-delray-1-of-1-2This week Dan sits down with comedian Dean Delray.  Dean has done it all.  He’s done over 2500 comedy shows in 5 years, he’s hosted a fucking incredible podcast Let There Be Talk, released every Monday and available on iTunes, and a Thursday call-in show where folks call in an get into all kinds of shit, for over 3 years now. This dude even got an audition call to sing for Velvet Revolver!  I think they picked the wrong guy, Dean fucking rules.  Dan and Dean talk about some of the in’s and out’s of both the music and stand-up comedy business, Dean’s tried-and-true method for success, and they take a trip across Canada’s rock spectrum, pulling out the real fucking gems like Triumph and Loverboy.  Dean loves the rock.  We love the rock.  Dean even calls his love of rock and comedy an addiction, making him a true rockandrolljunkie.

The crew have all been away on a motivational retreat that Cracker organized, and Gary has been ice fishing for 2 weeks now, so that allowed us to open the show up for some more music this week.  Don’t worry, the fucktards will all be back next week, getting into more shit than ever.  We’re afraid to see what this retreat will do to them.  Anyway, sit back, relax, maybe burn one back, and welcome Dean Delray into your life.  Enjoy all the music.

Podcast Episode XVI: DEAN DELRAY