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420 card [october2014]-01We all know that burning stuff then inhaling the smoke is bad for you.  All them little hairs and whatnot get all burned up in your lungs, and you end up dead.  Well, some genius figured out how to vaporize plants, and now we can inhale vapor instead of smoke, and all live just a little longer.  Well, hallelujah.  For this first time in my inhaling life, I am not taking in any smoke of any kind.  Now, if I could only vaporize whiskey or cheeseburgers.  We here at have teamed up with our pals at 420 Accessories to bring you a 12-week look at some of the vaporizers that exist on the market.  We will look at everything from the lowest of the low end, to the higher end models.  We will mark them on everything from portability, dry versus oil, combustion rate, to style and efficiency.  Each Sunday night, for the next 12 weeks, we will feature a different product, putting it through the roughest and most rigorous testing that only a rock and roll stoner could apply.  Welcome to this new weekly series: BLUNT INSTRUMENTS

This week, we begin with one of the higher-end instruments.  The Hebe Titan II vaporizer has many redeeming features, but it does have a few downsides.  First off, and this is not a knock at this unit at all, as this is present with any vaporizer; if you are making the switch from joints, bongs, or pipes to vaping, you need to figure out dosing.  Like many of us, you will need to figure out haul times and product potency, as vaporizer your stuff is a significantly different deal than smoking it.  The buzz is different, and the lack of smoke as an indicator of ingestion masks your intake and you can seriously overdo it if not careful.  In fact, you WILL overdo it for the first little while until you find your “wheelhouse”, as they say.  So, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve.  With some “vaporizers”, the need to hit it as hard as you possibly can, because you don’t “feel” anything when drawing in the vapor, may lead to heating the product too hot and actually creating combustion, which defeats the purpose of the exercise entirely.  Luckily, the Titan II has the best temperature control system yet, allowing you to accurately vaporize your product at safe temperatures.

new-titan-2-kit-hebe-dry-herb-vaporizer-eThe good far outweighs the bad with this unit.  It’s a sleek unit, which could be a bit smaller in my opinion, as I find it impossible to completely conceal it when using it in public.  It does feel nice in your hand though, and is portable enough to easily bring it with you when out and about.  The mouthpiece comes off easily, where you then pack a maximum of about 1/4 of a gram of dry product.  Many of the higher-end units only use oils, but the Titan II allows for the use of ground dried product.  Just use your grinder to grind your product before placing it inside the heating chamber.  The unit is turned on by pressing the larger of the buttons 5 times.  Once the screen comes on, the chamber is heated after holding that same button down for about 3 seconds.  The screen will light up and the numbers will begin rising at the temperature goes up.  The Titan II will heat to a maximum temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit, but we have found that a range between 375 and 400 is ideal for quality vapor.  Again, depending on the quality of the product, you may need to tweak these numbers from time to time, but our rigorous testing with multiple varieties of product has found 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to be the sweet spot for this unit.  Remember though, this is the first time I have seen a product that gives me this accurate of a temperature reading.  A USB charger comes with this unit, and should be used for a full charge (about 4 hours) before first use, or you’ll be chasing that charge for the rest of it’s lifespan.  Never fuck with batteries; it’s usually cheaper to buy a new unit than change the battery.  The unit is turned off by pushing the main button 5 times again.

One downer with this unit is the close proximity of the heating chamber and the mouthpiece.  For the first couple of days, we were unable to heat the unit to its optimal temperature, as the mouthpiece would simply be too hot for use.  Ah, but inside the box there are a few different “cigar tips” that you attach to the mouthpiece that keep your lips off the machine itself, and far enough away from that heat to actually get it to the best temperature.  It was the addition of this feature that saved the Titan II for us.  Inside the box, you also get a few more attachments for safe use, a pipe cleaner to help clean the heating chamber, and a USB power charging cable.

rBVaGFRh4JKADb4PAAGvhuM3p10552Once we had the temperature right, and the mouthpiece adjusted, we heated a few strains of product, varying in potency, put on the Dead Meadow Peel Sessions album we just acquired, and took the Hebe Titan II for a true rock and roll test drive.  It took about 60 seconds or so for the screen to read 380 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once we got there, I took a slow, drawn out hit off the cigar tip.  After inhaling what could only be described as pure vapor, and cloud of mist blew from my lungs as I exhaled.  Within seconds, John Peel was speaking into my soul, and I was riding first class on the SweetPotato Express.  A full load (1/4 gram) took about 7 or 8 heavy, slow draws to use up.  This is enough to floor you and a few friends for a good hour or so, depending on your tolerance.  You will know when the product is finished when it starts to taste a bit like hay.  The product should be a dark brown color when it is finished.   Some folks complain about a plastic taste with this unit, but what do you expect; the fucking thing is made of plastic.



Overall, with its sleek design, decent mobility, sweet fucking temperature control system, mouthpiece accessories, USB charger, and ability to create controlled vapor each and every time, the Hebe Titan II may be the best BLUNT INSTRUMENT on the market for the price.  Yes, we will be looking at a few units that may be higher in quality with lifetime guarantees and such, but our pals at 420 ACCESSORIES have this unit going for $125 CDN, and at that price this is the best bet for anyone looking for better control of their ride. – FATS