Idiot of the Week: KITCHEN FUCKTARD

white-trash-protestAngus is the lead singer of a Metal band called “Whisker Wars”. However, Angus was untalented and started to annoy his girlfriend, Susie. She tells Angus that the kitchen sink is clogged, but he continues to work on his music until she comes back in and pulls him to the sink. Using a plunger, Angus attempts to unclog the sink and thinking he fixed it, turns on the garbage disposal, only to watch the water go to the other side of the sink. He unclogs the other and leans down and his beard gets caught in the garbage disposal. The disposal pulls his face into the murky water but his beard jams it and it switches itself off and his panicking causes the water to enter his lungs and drowns him. Susie comes back and was surprised to see Angus drowned.

Angus was the perfect storm of stupidity: he didn’t know how bad his music was, didn’t realize his girlfriend was ready to dump him and he had no clue on how to fix a clogged sink. The only thing he did know… was how to die.