After watching a few videos of Brendon Small play guitar, I kept thinking to myself how hilarious would it be if he gave a few lessons in character from Dethklok.  Well, wouldn’t ya know it; that’s just what he did.  This plays hilariously true to the business nature of these kinds of things, with the barrage of endorsements.  The broken English of the Scandinavian character only make this more hilarious.  The seperate window with the score of the riff is equally as hilarious, as well as damn impressive.  I mean, he IS actually teaching you how to do this; you could learn it from this video.  We here at rockandrolljunkie love to bring you instructional videos from great players – this is no different from that.  Awesome.

Metalocalypse – Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Finger Master Class – Dethklok