A-64758-1083925323.jpgOkay, now there is a pattern.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but many of the 10″ records I owned from Man’s Ruin Records were of bands doing great cover songs.  Outside of their first album, which is so friggin’ good, the track Godzilla is by far my favorite track by Blue Oyster Cult.  The version by Fu Manchu is significantly slower and fuzzier, but it pays true hommage to the original classic.  Again, I didn’t realize the significance of the caliber of classic covers released on 10″ by Man’s Ruin at the time, and I sure wish I still had all mine.  Sigh.

SongoftheDay: GODZILLA by FU MANCHU from “Godzilla” 10″ / MR-048