hqdefaultBassist Jeff Pinkus founded Daddy Longhead during his tenure with the Butthole Surfers as a way to voice the back catalog of songs that did not fit the bill with the Surfers. The band also served as an alternate musical voice stylistically, as well as an easygoing, stress-free environment within which to create and play music with friends. That’s perhaps why Daddy Longhead always resembled a twisted, jam band reminiscent of an Allman Brothers on acid. Daddy Longhead was formed in Austin, TX, in 1990 with Jimbo Young on guitar, and Rey Washam — an extraordinary musician who had previously worked with, among others, Big Boys, Scratch Acid, and later with Ministry — on drums. The band began playing the occasional show in Austin or Houston when Pinkus’ busy recording and touring schedule with the Butthole Surfers permitted. Issuing its debut album, Cheatos, in 1993, on the Butthole Sufers longtime home of Touch and Go Records, the band remained a side project until Pinkus quit the Butthole Surfers in late 1995.

Supermasonic Developing into more of a full-time band at that point, Daddy Longhead released it’s sophomore effort, Supermasonic in 1997 on the band’s imprint Honest Abe’s Custom Records, with Troy Baldridge assuming drumming duties, save a few album tracks recorded with Washam. In the meantime, Pinkus was devoting more and more time to his new project, Honky, which then itself catapulted into more of a full-time effort than Longhead. However, the band continued to record and tour, this time with former Pain Teens drummer Frank Garymartin. By 1998, Daddy Longhead called it quits. That same year saw the Man’s Ruin Records release of Classic, a collection of 1993 recordings made with the original lineup of Pinkus, Washam, and Young.

SongoftheDay: BROWN SABBATH by DADDY LONGHEAD from “Classic” CD MR-039