As Neil Young finds himself, once again, in the media causing shit, this poster seems even more poignant.  Pearl Jam, as huge as they were, must have felt like that band getting to play with the one band that got them into playing music in the first place.  Personally, I like Neil with an acoustic guitar in his hand, all by himself, singing stripped down versions of his songs.  Some folks are pissed at him because of his latest uproar, but I love him.  He is a true hater; a shit disturber who just doesn’t give a fuck if you like him or not – never has.  Calling out all the fucking hipsters and their fucking Record Store Day is just like Neil; telling it how it is when everyone else in the business is a fucking pussy and won’t rock the boat.  Get’m Neil!  The artwork on this poster is by our guest this week, the incomparable Frank Kozik.