Maybe it’s our age, or the fact that we seem to be coming to the same conclusions about life, but a good handful of folks I know are preparing to take the plunge into the arts vocation full time.  Yeah, that place where you know you have something, and there is that gripping need to make it happen, but you are terrified to give up the “safe” for the “passion.”

paul-granger-owner-arcade-live-music-venue-house-tBe it a new bar, or as a professional photographer, a professional model, a shop owner, or a messed up writer with a wacky website, making the choice to drop everything else and hit this new life with everything you got is a tough one.  People gotta eat.  Having the gumption to strip your life back to the bare necessities while you pursue the real reason you’re here is the first step over that fucking shallow river toward that world of the fuck-yeah.  A place where you rule.

DirtyDonnyShouldn’t we all be doing what comes naturally to us?  I know many folk who have jobs where they act like naturals.  The stone mason’s I know all work like wizards with that stone.  They manipulate stuff taken out of the ground into absolute masterpieces of beauty, and to them it all comes naturally.  So what about the arts?  How does a stand-up comedian decide that the craft needs 100% of his/her time and energy?  When do musicians drop their jobs and hit the road when no one knows who they are?  How does an artist move to Montreal to find cheap rent so he can become one the greatest artists alive?  By having a plan.

frank_kozikMost folk work jobs they hate.  Yeah, some of you might really dig your job, or at least come to enjoy what you do, but how many of you feel like you’re playing all day?  How many of you get up and move into a home office or studio and do what comes naturally to you?  I need to slow down a bit.  I mean, I can’t forget that we live in a big bad world where folks with lots of money take us away from the fun for an average of 8 hours a day, so we can act as cogs in their money making machine.  We are told we need to have so much stuff, and we need to maintain some sense of net-worth.  More and more, the world of the arts just doesn’t fit into that world.  So, why would any of us want to fuck with that?  This isn’t a rhetorical question.  I really want someone to answer that for me.  I’m terrified.  I know I have to make the leap from comfortable to sweet-fuck-all for a little bit, and I guess you just need to jump in and get your feet wet.  I’ve hated every job I’ve had.  Until now.

The past few weeks have allowed me dig deep into the lives a few artists who jumped in with both feet.  Fuck, I think those dudes jumped in head first.  This is just me asking questions, hoping there are others out there getting the gumption together to cross the Rubicon from safe to fuck-yeah.