REPLAY Podcast Episode XII: DIRTY DONNY Part Two

(These sure have been a couple of really fun weeks hanging with our old pal Dirty Donny.  It looks like he had some fun too.  In fact, I’m sure Donny will pop up on this site and podcast more often than not. Again it’s been awesome being idiots with one of our oldest partners in crime, and we thank him so much for his continued support of our thing we got here.  Next week’s guest on the podcast has us chomping at the bit.  We are excited to announce that the legend himself, Frank Kozik, will be on this coming Monday’s podcast.  Let’s just say, the myth is busted!  Not only was easy to get along with, he opened up and talked about everything; everything from his early days making posters for every band under the sun, to the trials and tribulations of Man’s Ruin Records, to his current work as an art director.  DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!  Anyway, in case you missed it this week, here is a recap of part two of our discussion with Dirty Donny. –  FATS)

451074661Well, week one was fucking awesome.  More of you enjoyed that podcast that any of the others.  We appreciate it.  Guess what?  This week is even better.  In part two of our adventures with Dirty Donny we get into even more trouble with the crank calls, talk a bunch more about his amazing DIY art career, and how he went from barely making enough to feed himself in Montreal, to living sweet in San Fran, and never having to answer to anyone but himself (well, maybe his wife).  Truly inspirational.

Podcast Episode XII: DIRTY DONNY Part Two


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