In the podcast this week FATS and DAN laid down the statement, “he who stays the warmest wins” when referring to those cold winter nights.  It doesn’t matter if you are in NYC or in Mongolia, staying warm is key.  So here is some more knowledge for ya’ll…..

Canada Goose is a heritage-aware company that’s known for parkas and coats stuffed with its eponymous down insulation.  The company’s polar flagship Snow Mantra parka  can attest to its claims as a superior cold-weather survival coat. A coyote fur ruff, a built-in neck gaiter, and literal pounds of goose down stuffed in make the Snow Mantra among the warmest winter coats ever made.
yuki-matsuda-canada-goose-jacket-02This fall, Canada Goose introduced a cousin to the Snow Mantra. But the Yuki Expedition is a cousin of rare style and urban — not polar — origin and design. The California-based, Japanese-born fashion designer Yuki Matsuda is known for his exclusive Yuketen shoes and Monitaly apparel lines. Canada Goose touts Yuki as having an “eastern sensitivity and a street-funk orientation.” Add in a bit of Inuit influence and you might get something like the Yuki Expedition, which came to market last month

To keep the Yuki Expedition jacket premium and rare, it will be sold in only 10 stores around the planet. Another step toward preserving its cool and exclusivity, the Yuki Expedition will cost a cool $1,750 USD.
Its details include a thigh-length fit, coyote-fur ruff on the hood, a heavy-duty aluminum zipper, a sheared beaver-fur chin guard, and nickel-color snaps atop a leather trim. Its fabric is a Pendleton wool/tweed mix, and the insulation is 625-fill rated white duck down. There are fleece-lined chest pockets, leather trim accents, and two interior aluminum-zippered security pockets to keep your goods. The company calls it the most deluxe parka in its entire collection.

09japan.large1There has been some hating going on towards Canada Goose for their apparent mistreatment of coyotes in the production of these coats.  Speaking in a corporate video, Canada Goose President Danni Reiss explained: ‘We use Coyote fur for a number of reasons. Number one, Coyote fur works – it’s functional, it provides warmth around the face in a way no synthetic fabric can. It does that in the coldest places on earth and it is important to realise that sometimes urban centres and cities can feel like the coldest places on earth.’

Coyote fur doesn’t freeze, doesn’t hold moisture, retains heat and is biodegradable.
Ms. Rajt (PETA) dismissed the necessity of real fur saying: ‘They actually do have some faux fur trim products and there’s a market for that. There’s no reason why they couldn’t switch completely.’

A spokesperson for Canada Goose said: ‘We understand PETA’s concerns and we respect the right of people to choose not to wear fur, however, we know PETA does not respect our ethical, responsible use of fur so further conversation won’t be productive.’

But, Ms Rajt insisted: ‘I just don’t believe that half the people wearing these coats understand what’s really involved in the making of them. And I just don’t believe that they would make that same choice if it was an informed one.’

630x355This is a tricky one.  Weather is changing, and in some places is sure is getting colder – a lot colder.  Owning a jacket that is reliably warmer than any other on the market only makes for a better time of it all.  Personally, it is simply better if I can live in an area that I can easily walk to where I need to be.  Not driving a car does more for the environment than anything else I could do.  Unfortunately, when it is -43 degrees Celsius out there, you need a coat that is going to keep you warm.  I own a Canada Goose jacket, and I live in a part of the world where -43 can be the norm for weeks on end.  I have actually sweat in this coat in that weather, it is so warm.  Yes, I think cruelty to animals is fucking bullshit, and it doesn’t need to happen, but it is very hard to be rational and politically correct in these conditions.  Folks live in the furthest North regions you can go have been wearing jackets with real animal fur for centuries.

I’ve been wearing this coat for the last 3 winters and it is hands down the best jackets I have every had.  I very much understand the conflict people have with this product, and have thought about my own politics in owning one, but I couldn’t imagine a winter without it.  Sorry.  I have enough problems to deal with in this shitty world than allowing increasingly frigid temperatures keep me from getting where I need to be.  Fuck cars, I’m not driving one.  So, I guess I suck, but fuck I’m warm – and the warmest wins.