save don van 3I know this is probably the weakest example, but when I was a kid, a really fucking poor kid, Saturday morning cartoons were one of those things that kept me going.  As shitty as things could get, I always knew that Saturday would come and I’d get my superhero fix or my silly-ass Scooby-Doo fix.  That dumb dog made me laugh, and I related to the stoner Shaggy even before I realized he was a stoner.  What always gave me an extra zing about the cartoon was the van.  That 70s-style short van with the snubnose front and the larger wheels on the back always made me want one of those fuckers so bad.  Being the poor fucker that I was, it never (it still doesn’t) made any sense to think I’d actually own one of these bad boys – it was all just a huge fantasy.

When I learned that our good pal Dirty Donny had joined a custom van club in California, that excitement I felt as a kid watching those cartoons rushed back.  The van club is called The Vandeleros Van Club, and this is what they have to say about themselves and our pal Donny:

vandoleros_web_bannerFrom the slums of Los Angeles to the beautiful skies of Whittier. To the forgettable fog that travels through golden gate bridge of San Francisco. From route 66 to rocky skyline of the Utah mountains. The Vandoleros Van Club have gone a trip. Forever gone. Creatively escaped this world before anyone could stop it. Challenging authority and all of those who aren’t on the level. making a bed on the road and making a bed into our work. Our passion our brotherhood, our work, our lives, our club. Within the thickness of our love comes support and within that support comes our work! Check out this certified nut and Vandolero Van club member.

don van 8Check out Hot Rod Artist Dirty Donny’s Bad Ass 1973 Dodge B100 Kuston Van. Talk about long-lived vehicles. The Dodge Van–staple of the ’70s Custom-Van Man–enjoyed a long run, from 1971 to 2003. And wow, what a run it was! Lots of these jack-of-all-trades vans, mostly of late ’80s to early ’00s vintage, are still running about .


Living in one of the coldest, wettest parts of the world, it just doesn’t make sense for me to really ever invest in this lifestyle, but out in California, that’s a prime environment for letting loose with one of the seriously fucking beautiful machines.  As you can see from Donny’s van, with a little bit of hard work, money, and imagination, you can have a killer ride.  If you have the fortune to find a club like The Vandeleros, and they dig your style, you can also find a new family of friends to run the road with.  As you can see from this video created by eGarage, The Vandeleros Van Club is more than a mere hobbyist club – this is “10 best friends, hanging out all at the same time.”  It’s a family, and there’s nothing stronger than that.  Fucking right! – FATS