Gluestick! GLuEsTiCk! GLUESTICK!!!

What do you get when you take a couple of overzealous musicians, a huge pile of gluesticks, and 100 tapes to be packaged?  Madness, that’s what you get.  The paritcualrs are still a bit out of focus, but here’s what I think I know.  Way back in 1991/1992, a few of us idiots got together to form a band.  All of us were a bit weird, but our drummer had one seriously bent sense of humor, and when he came up with the name PooPooKakandtheBumBum’s, we knew we couldn’t let that gem go.  We had no idea how to play our instruments, but we all loved music.  We practiced like 3 times a week, and we finally got it together enough to record a 5 song demo tape.  With our classy name in place, we took it one step further and called the tape Bloodsnot.  Some maddening artwork was put together for the cover and sent off for color copies, and a cardboard J-card was created with the song titles on it.  We had a very strong D.I.Y. attitude about making music and whatnot, so we decided that we would glue the color copies onto the cardboard J-cards ourselves.  This is where it all went wrong.

collageFrom what I remember, a general call was put out to all members of the band to come and help get 100 tapes made for the release show.  In the end, I think only myself and one other member actually showed up.  That other member was Donny Gillies, our bass player, and overall leader of the band.  We cracked open a few gluesticks and dove right in there.  The more gluestick we needed, the faster we seemed to be getting the job done.  We started getting a bit giddy until we were both doing what could only be described as “happy dances”, all while chanting “gluestick, gluestick, gluestick.”  Perhaps the glue was getting into us at a faster rate than may have been safe.  In the end, we got the job done, and we sold all them tapes really fast.  Unfortunately, from what I’ve heard from people who bought one of those tapes, the glue didn’t hold for very long, with most of those 100 tapes losing their covers over the years.  Seriously, if anyone still has a PooPooKakandtheBumBum’s tape that still has a glued cover, I’d like to see that.

gluestikIn honor of our week with our former bass player Dirty Donny, we invite you to head down to Vertigo Records in Ottawa, Canada, at 193 Rideau Street, ask for “Harvey”, give him the password “Gluestick”, and you’ll get a real sweet prize.  For now, here’s a song from that tape…