As much as I have always loved the original, 3-piece lineup of Southern Culture on the Skids, the sound filled out quite nicely with the addition of keyboards and a second guitar.  Many times, having an egg-shaped body would only curse you in an industry that revolves around image, but in a band as food obsessed as Southern Culture on the Skids, the body habitus of Chris ‘Crispy’ Bess only made it that much better – it was as if he was meant to be in that band.  He played both keyboards and guitars for the band live, and heck, even played a bit of percussion when needed.  His stage presence was fantastic, and he made me howl in laughter more than once.  As I said, I love the original lineup, but was saddened to hear he had left the band.  We’ve tried to make contact with SCOTS to find out the particulars, but understand that some thing should be left personal, and have ceased our efforts.  Still, what the hell happened to ‘Cousin Crispy’?  Well, he started a new band, of course.  Here’s what we found:

killer fillerStarted in 2004, Killer Filler is the spawn of keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter Chris “Crispy” Bess — an all-instrumental five-piece outfit to meld his twin penchants for 1960s Memphis soul and California surf music. Twang, spy, funk, lounge and swing flavor Crispy’s songwriting as well as the B-side nuggets that he picks to arrange and cover. The Ventures, Booker T. and the MGs, The Shadows, The Champs and The Meters all get nods in live sets. .. Crispy commands the Hammond organ and a six-string to boot while guitarists Bryon Settle and Greg Bowers join on dual guitars, Bryon’s drop-jaw phrasing colored by Greg’s solid rock rhythms. The rhythm section is a seamless and versatile unit with Paco Robles on drums and Steve Eisenstadt on electric bass… Instrumental music sets a party vibe that’s infectiously groovy. In addition to large outdoor events (Artsplosure, First Night Raleigh, Festival For The Eno, The Instro Summit, Elvisfest, Heavy Rebel Weekender, Carrboro Music Festival) and local clubs (Cat’s Cradle, The Cave, Slim’s Downtown, the Pinhook, Local 506 and many more), Killer Filler plays private and corporate events. From festivals and concert halls to weddings and shindigs, folks respond to a sound that’s fresh and familiar all at once.

To find out more information so that you can get these guys into your venue or pool party, check them out at http://www.reverbnation.com/killerfiller.  Now, here’s a tune to fill your earholes with…