It’s said that harmonies sung by siblings sound better. The Reno-based band, Buster Blue, sing like blood relatives.

There’s an intimacy to Buster Blue that can only be found in people who have known each other for most of their collective lives. Roots of early friendship & musical collaboration are planted in Gardnerville, Nevada; the small town in which most of the group spent their childhood. Those bonds translate not only in their stage presence, but in their songs. The music & lyrics paint poetry of a mythic America where every open field is a place for adventure and heartbreak: where every old house is unlocked and haunted.

The band has focused on building a following organically, from relentless touring & non-compromising musical integrity. They’ve played everything from bars and clubs, to small desert ghost towns. Performing with national acts and local characters all around the country, they’ve been working hard to deliver their music to as many ears as possible.

busterblueBuster Blue consists of 6 multi-instrumentalists approaching a live show with an unlikely arsenal of instruments. At any time, a banjo can be traded from songwriter Moses Jones to fellow songwriter Andrew Martin. Rachael McElhiney may set down a bass clarinet to take up a baritone saxophone or a set of bells. New members Billy Dohr and Fil Corbitt might trade a spot on the piano for the other’s drum sticks while bass player Brendon Lund shakes a fistful of chains. Things switch around.

“Sleep Less Where the Heart Is,” is a self produced full-length album that was engineered by band member Brendon Lund in the first half of 2013. The record explores new musical territory for the band; pushing against the boundaries of previous work while maintaining a sound that it is uniquely Buster Blue.

With a recent Daytrotter session, a writeup in Billboard Magazine, and an Independent Music Award Nomination, the band is hitting the road for the Fall and intends to work harder and travel farther than ever before.