Podcast Episode IX: COLE WASHBURN


The move between the fast, loud, rambunctious world of snappy punk rock from the pop side of things to the historically dense world of country music is a bit of a jolt, but that’s the best part of our love of music – it will be impossible to ever come close to covering all of the awesomeness out there.  All you have to do is open your ears and open your mind, and music will never cease to brighten your day.

451074661No matter where you are, the struggles of the hard working mid-level artist doing whatever necessary to make a mark is an ever-common theme.  Nashville’s Cole Washburn is just that kind of artist.  His music is fantastic, his work ethic is equally as awesome, and with the help of a good business sense, this young man is well on his way to success – even if he doesn’t know who Stompin’ Tom Connors is.  Well, hopefully he spends a little time learning about old Tom.  Everyone in country music should be well versed in the craft of Stompin’ Tom.  The website this week will be dedicated to Kentucky, to country music, to bourbon, and to a few country music legends, be they legends in the charts or simply legends in our hearts.  We hope you enjoy.

Podcast Episode IX: COLE WASHBURN

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