img_7070It took us a few times to get the fucking thing started, but once we did, we had a great time shooting the shit with our old pal Steve Adamyk from the Steve Adamyk Band.  We’ve know Steve since his days in Token, and have had a blast watching this guy take his music and slather it all over the earl holes of the entire world.  When he’s not touring the world, including Europe and Japan, Steve is leading the Clark Kent life of a working joe and family man.  We had a great time talking about all that business.  In a genre of music that has so many differing sounds and subgenres, the pressing question about Steve’s music is how much does that formula for great pop songs influences his take on punk rock.  We talk about all this stuff in this weeks episode the podcast.

As per usual, Fats has got some wacky opinion about shit that makes no sense, Dan’s choking on something he is eating, and shit tends to want to fall apart right in the middle of our interviews.  Well, it’s another hour of goodness from us to you.  Feckin’ Right

Podcast Episode VIII: STEVE ADAMYK

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