(Saturday Recap:  Teddy Heavens is a right fucking savage of rock.  His band Rebel Rebel have been slogging it out for 3 decades now, and still get up there with the same fury and passion they had since day one.  The whole shock rock thing that happened in the late 70s, and went on through much of the 80s, is some pretty weird and awesome shit, and we had a blast talking with this righteous dude that has been there since the beginning.  Now, for this coming Monday‘s episode we dig a little deeper into how pop music and it’s writing styles have influenced one of the most popular of the many sub-genres of punk rock.  This next episode features a conversation with our old pal Steve Adamyk from the Steve Adamyk Band.  Well, here’s a rerun from last Monday – enjoy. – FATS)


artist_420In this week’s episode, Fats and Dan find themselves reminiscing the glory days of their youth where Dan found himself immersed in their local punk rock scene, while Fats stood on the other side of the tracks with the metal heads.  Somewhere between metal and punk rock sits the genre of shock rock.  This week’s interview is with a shock rock group from Los Angeles that has been putting on the outrageous outfits and makeup and smashing crowds for over 3 decades now.  Dan has a great conversation with Teddy Heavens, guitarist of Rebel Rebel.  

Here’s a quick look at what these savages of rock are all about:

Got glam? Hollywood shock rock kings Rebel Rebel have it to burn. Not only did the band recently inspire its very own brand of hair gel from P/Taylor USA, but when they found themselves banned from most live L.A. venues for their infamous stage antics, they did what any true glam rocker would do: they opened their own nightclub.

“When you come to one of our shows, you don’t know if you’re going to get drunk with us or burn the place down, and that’s what kids love today,” says guitarist Teddy Heavens. They want to be scared and have a good time. NO RULES. We offer something to look at and participate in. Slam dancing and moshing are so boring. If you like being entertained and partying, then you’ll love us.”

451074661R2 influences include Kiss, Plasmatics, and Alice Cooper, and the band has collaborated with producers Jon Mathias (Meatloaf, Kiss) and Brian Kehew (Air, Alice Cooper). Explode Into Space is Rebel Rebel’s 2005 release of deliciously riff heavy rock, and the band also recently kicked in contributions to Lost Anarchy and Hollywood Rocks—compilations of legedary L.A. glam bands including Poison, WASP, Stryper, Great White, and Warrant.

Known for their insanely fun, high energy live act, Rebel Rebel tours widely and recently performed at La Scene Bastille in Paris with Undercover Slut, as well as The Cat Club in West Hollywood and The Aristocrat in Las Vegas. Their tour was recently documented by a Fox News team, which followed the band around for a week. Rebel Rebel was also recently featured in Critical Vision’s hilarious anthology of worst-ever road experiences, Gigs From Hell.


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