46880When I was working out my outline for the site this week, I knew I wanted to write something about the legendary Dominion Tavern in Ottawa.  With the show talking about a lot of the bands that came through Ottawa and played there, I thought I’d like to organize a story about those crazy times.  With this, I wanted to show a pile of the great posters that were made for those great shows.  Well, not only is it next to impossible to find any of the art, the frikin website for the Tavern lists the last event to happen there in 2008.  I might be a bit dusted, but there have been some pretty cool shows at The Dominion after 2008.  Jesus fuck folks, I know you don’t give two shits about fandangly progress and all, but you have heard of the internet and websites; haven’t you?  I know that Al has each and every one of those posters from back in the day, somewhere down in that dungeon of an office of his.  Also, I have it on good authority that a good pal of mine worked herself to the bone trying to organize a pile of these posters for the 20th Anniversary party that happened there this last summer.  So,  why and the fuck are none of these great, and I must say historical, posters available online, at least at the Tavern’s website.  Fucking laziness that’s why.  Maybe laziness mixed with a healthy dose of indifference.  I don’t know what they think of it all, but we sure as hell loved every single one of those crazy shows.  Some of us even played on those bills.  Everyone from Electric Frankenstein to Gaza Strippers to Cowslingers to Swingin Neckbreakers to Greenhornes to Tricky Woo to Bionic to C’mon to Slim Cessna’s Auto Club to Detroit Cobras to Dirtbombs to EVERY FUCKING BAND THAT MATTERED BETWEEN 1998 AND 2005.

36135Someone over there needs to gather up all that shit (Al) and give it to someone who will organize it (Jody) and then hand it to someone who has the time and passion to organize a new website for this legendary venue.  Yeah, the shows have died off a bit, but there are still some great fucking shows happening there on a regular basis.  Please, someone show this place the respect that it deserves.  For a long time, I considered this THE best venue in North America to see a show.  What more did you want?  It was a small dive bar with big bottles of cold beer that had the balls to take on some great fucking shows, and we all got to see the bands we loved with them playing literally 2 feet from our faces.  It was the heaviest, sweatiest juke joint in the land, and there are too many legendary nights to count.  What the hell happened?  We all know what happened.

Well, now what needs to happen is a resurgence of that attitude the place had back in the late 90s, early 2000s.  Don’t go fucking losing your minds and book dumb shows and lose a pile of money, but at least get a better fucking website going that shows the history of a time we all fucking loved and cherish to this day.  Props go out to Murielle Varhelyi at Swish, and to John Westhaver and Dave Aardvark over at Birdman Sound for spearheading much of those shows, and by no means is this any of their fault.  Shit dampens out and it stops making sense, but the Dominion Tavern itself needs to embrace it’s fucking awesomeness and shine a big fucking flood light on that history.  Okay.  Rant done.

10633465_800171423375962_6952565418421239877_oAlright, so here’s a poster for an upcoming show at the end of January that is revving up to be a barnburner.  Get out and drink your faces off, love the music, and rejoice in a place where time stood still for many of us – and still does for many more.  Fuck’n Right! – FATS