touchandgo_didjitsAh fuck we had a good time with this band.  At the turn of the century, in the midst of all that Y2K scare bullshit, my little band did a fair amount of playing.  We did much of that playing at our favorite local rock and roll haven, The Dominion Tavern.  With the crazy awesome help of Murielle Varhelyi of Swish Productions, and John Westhaver over at Birdman Sound, our little outfit was able to not only play with great bands in Ottawa, but also take it on the road a bit, mainly to Toronto and Montreal.  One of the bands we had the chance to play with a few times at The Dominion Tavern were Chicago’s Gaza Strippers.  Yeah, yeah, Rick Sims could be a bit moody, but fuck he could play.  The rest of the lads in that band were always right fucking cool, and had much to help us with as a nobody rookie act.  There may still be a bit of a bad taste in some people’s mouths in this town when it comes to this band, but we here at think they are simply fucking awesome.  Rick is working on theatre productions now, while guitarist Mike Hodgkiss went on to join Urge Overkill for a spell.