267px-Calexico_(Jena_18.07.2007)_1Out from the ashes of Giant Sand, Calexico hit my radar around the time I was working in a record shop.  The owner is a big fan and lent me a copy of the then-extremely rare live album called Scraping.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  It was as if a traditional Mariachi band had melded with a tripped out psychedelic desert rock band, all mixed with delay-looped trumpets and jazz bits.  After burning one back, I sat on the floor, in the dark, and let this record take control.  At the time, the band was selling the record off the stage, but you could not get it anywhere else.  Luckily, they have come to their senses, and the album is available to the masses – you can even get a vinyl copy now as well.  As my first experience of Calexico’s wizardry was listening to them live, here is a version of one of their finest tracks, all tricked out with a full Mariachi band giv’n’r as well.  Fuck’n Right!