vertigologo2011Growing up, I fucking loved the Beach Boys.  Flipping through my dad’s old albums and coming across Endless Summer with all the hits, and later finding the true nature of the universe in Pet Sounds, it was that California sound that ruined every other vocal style for me.  Before puberty kicked in, I used to stand in front of the turntable and sing the fuck out of all those high parts in Beach Boys songs… Brian Wilson taught me how to sing.  Later I found heavier music, and moved almost exclusively to heavier music throughout my teens.  I was losing a bit of that California vocal sound – it wasn’t happening with the new bands I loved.

WEEZER-2014That all changed when I first heard Weezer.  The first “blue” record of theirs blew my fucking mind.  The guitar sound on that album rivals any guitar sound I’ve ever heard on any record – EVER.  What makes that record sit proudly in my top 10 records of all time is it’s sweet lickity fucking splickity California vocal thing going on.  This Weezer band had given me back what I had lost, and they will stay on my top 10 list because of it.

That being said, most of their subsequent efforts have been utter shite.  Maybe it’s the everlasting curse of the STELLAR first album, where, like a junkie, you end up chasing that first powerful high, but never reaching it again.  I’ve tried with them each and every effort, but it never gets me back to where that first album did.

Everything Will Be Alright In the End took a few listens to digest.  I have to say I absolutely hated this record when I first heard it – sober.  Like many of the finer things in life, it’s just better to roll one up and let’r burn beforehand.  Especially records; listening to records without some of Gary’s glorious hash is just dumb – they just don’t sound right without it.  Tracks like Lonely Girl highlight that familiar fuzznasitcs Weezer have always been able to provide, and low-and-behold, they put some of that magic butter back into the vocals.  Another great track is Cleopatra, a very different sound from the band, but I like it.  Maybe it was the hash, but I ignored the over-production of the track and found myself floating around the room with the bouncing vocal melody.  When it gets to the “5, 10, 15, 20…” bit, they had me – catchy as fuck, that.  But, I almost didn’t make to either of these songs.
The second song on this album, Back To The Shack, almost severed my relationship with Weezer for good.  Why the fuck would you (ya, you Weezer) put such a piece of shit song on your album?  Who convinced you this utter pile of mouth-sick should be the first single?  Did some skinny-jean 20131125-weezer-x1800-1385395348clipboard jockey decide he knew how to end your career fastest?  The whole song is sung in an anthem style with cardboard cut-out vocal belches that simply suck.  The lyrics are all about going back to 1994, back to the “shack”, which I assume is the old jam-room in the photos from that now infamous “blue” album.  If I could give you any advice… go back to the fucking shack and give your head a shake, and never put a shit song like that on a record ever again.  I really like the rest of the album, but almost smashed the fucking thing into pieces after only hearing two songs.  Dudes, for fuck sake.  Garbage.

All in all it’s a pretty good record; better than much of their other records outside of that first one.  I give this 6 Fuck’nRights out of a possible 10.

Here are a few tracks to bug out to, including the fucking shack tune so you can decide for yourself.  Maybe I’m just a fat goof.  Please listen to the other two tracks first – it will save you from wanting to smash shit, trust me.