hqdefaultThe Quadrajets were one of those bands I didn’t share.  Many of the folks that hang in the same circles as I know this band, but I wasn’t sharing it with anyone who didn’t know about them already.  The voice and guitar playing of Chet Weise always did it for me.  When he went on to create the Immortal Lee County Killers, he took that filth of his guitar sound and brought it to the blues; the filthiest blues I’d heard in ages.  I had the pleasure to help bring this band to town, showing many of those old white public servant blues purists that it ain’t All about happy-go-lucky pretty white-boy blues with the younger generation.  There was still an ugly side to the blues – because, it’s the fucking blues for fuck sake.  It ain’t supposed to be about jumping and jiving – it’s about sadness, loneliness, and hate.  This band helps to remind me of that.