SongoftheDay: COLOURS by BIG DICK

8482150149_6361430304I love my home town.  I love many of the folks making music in this town.  I hate the word “scene”, but I love the caliber of great fucking music coming from this town… but it’s rare that I become fanatical about any of the bands from here.  The first time I saw the two-piece drum/bass combo called Big Dick, my face went numb.  Never a huge fan of the post-punk thing (albeit Zen Arcade from Husker Du is seriously fucking brilliant), the violent math quiz that is the tempo and delivery of Big Dick is undeniably fucking awesome.  The chaotic smashing blended with fat fuzz from that bass/guitar pedal madness mixed with the California-esque vocal melodies that more often than not rip apart your earholes, held me in its grasp and shook me better than I had been shook in a very long time.  Local band here yes, but I never think of them as anything other than fucking awesome; they could be from Mars and I’d feel the same way about them.  This is a great tune.  All hail Big Dick!