The stars were aligned with me when it come to The Black Keys.  Not following much of the true blues music that was being made in the late 90s into aught-1 and aught 2, I found myself working in an environment where much of this blues was held sacred.  Many true followers of this genre felt tradition must be upheld with the younger generation.  My problem was the fact that all the great rock and roll my father had in his collection were bands that took that traditional blues music and made it loud, real loud.  It was nice to be able to bring some loud, dirty blues music played by young white dudes, back to the table for programming consideration.  This cover by the underground blues legend Junior Kimbrough has so much filth and dirt on its guitar, that the hair on my arms stands up when I hear it.  I saw this band live in a small club, and hold that show in the top 5 concerts I have ever seen.  So much power coming from just guitar and drums.