10346522_10152530442020292_9089630753124828562_nPrepare to have your bowels quaked!  In this day and age where the duo rock outfit is becoming a bit trendy, one may or may not be turned off by it.  Admittedly, early music from groups like White Stripes and The Black Keys peaked my interested, and I have a firm love for the post-punk wizards Big Dick, but none of these groups did much to quake the bowels.  The first time I saw Pembroke, Canada’s Flying Fortress was at The Dominion Tavern in Ottawa a few years back, and fuck me sideways, these dudes smashed my face with their hair-whipping power punch.  I knew they were a duo, and I had heard the rumblings from a few like-minded music lovers around town, but the shear riffage and pedal beating drum madness that ensued was far beyond what I was expecting.  These two power hosers lit the stage on fire without regard for anyone’s (especially mine) safety.  Blistering riffing and chaotic solos sat atop a thundering drum assault, and dude can sing too!  Well, the boys are coming back to Ottawa to the now infamous House of TARG to lay down another beatdown, all whilst releasing a new full length album titled Dirty Rain via Ottawa’s own Uncle D Records. The fun all goes down Dec 13.  Fuckin’ A Right!