a0897424359_10When it comes to good old Canadian thrash that is new and, frankly, still relevant, there is only one band to turn to.  Peterborough, Ontario’s Mokomokai lay down a thunderous beatdown while quaking your bowels until you quite literally ass vomit in your pants.  Yeah, that’s right – this band will make you shit your pants – and you will thank them for it.  We know you’re asking it, and the answer is yes.  The dude can sing like that live.  You know what?  Go fuck yourself and go see this band live soon – you lazy fucks.  Serious fucking metal that isn’t from yesteryear and all that shit – they rule right now.  Psst, Fats and Dan are gonna have these guys on the show real fucking soon, so go fuck yourself.  Put this tune in your earhole numb-nuts.