Oh man, it looks like shit is still going wrong for former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd.  I guess he had got himself into some kind of scuffle with a dude in New Zealand, and ended up in handcuffs, once again.

Rudd has, reportedly, been given court terms that prohibit him from using and form of illegal drugs, but it may be those drugs that sent him into a rage where he tried to fight a man twice his size and half his age.  It did not go well for Rudd.  Reports say that the man Rudd was trying to fuck with was his own bodyguard.  Damn, shit ain’t going well for Phil.

Folks at the New Zealand coffee shop where the incident occurred report that Rudd was spouting his mouth, warning the customers to ‘never get involved with the mafia.’  No shit Sherlock. Oh, Phil, get off the meth dude.  Seriously.