(Oi Yoi!  I came across this article from our friends over at AUX, and had to share it with you.  Man, I’ve had to take that pre-show dump for years so I don’t touch cloth in the middle of one of my screams, but this dude…  We here at hope he gets well soon, and sincerely applause his true commitment to the rawk.)

Metal bassist ruptures testicle onstage and still finishes the set.

When it comes to toughness, let’s get one thing straight: My dad could beat up your dad. It’s undeniable. Your dad’s tough, my dad’s tougher. But if there’s anyone would could beat up my tough-ass, beefcake dad, it’s likely Otto Schimmelpenninck—that guy on the left in the photo up top—the bassist for Dutch symphonic metal band Delain.

delainSo, how tough, exactly, is Schimmelpenninck? During a show, he was struck in the groin, from behind, by a streamer cannon. In close range. And while he was bleeding and losing consciousness, the bassist did the noble thing: He finished playing the set, despite the fact that his left testicle was ruptured.

He was in obvious pain, of course. His nutsack reportedly swelled to the size of a “big grapefruit”—a grapefruit—and after going to a hospital, he was drained of 500 ml of blood. To put that in perspective: That’s the size of a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola.

Schimmelpenninck, for its part, says he will be fine.

“A lot of people are asking about my injuries and lots of friends know what happened already, I figured it would be best to share with you all,” he wrote on Delain’s Facebook page, “before all kinds of versions of this story start to circulate.”

After being hit, he says, he not only finished the set—but he even managed to provide backup vocals.

“Although pain was pretty bad right away, I was merely pissed off at myself for not paying attention,” he continued. “During the next song, pain got worse though, and I had the feeling I was bleeding. Pretty soon pain got to the point where I could barely stay conscious anymore, but for some reason I did manage to finish the show and even squeeze out some grunts!”

If you’re clutching your abdomen in faux-pain right now, so are we.

We wish this insanely tough man all the best of luck. And can we stop comparing the toughness of basketball players to hockey players? Metalheads, it seems, are the toughest of the bunch. Although were this us, we wouldn’t be worried about toughness—we’d be hustling to the hospital.