Heavy_Metal_Parking_Lot_movie_posterAlmost 30 years old, this piece of cinematic wonder graced the spindles of my father’s top-loading VHS player almost as often as the Debbie Does Dallas tape did.  We all watch it now and roll around all pie-eyed, laughing ’till we piss, but back then – these people were us.  So many Saturday nights sneaking around the old donut shop there on Carling Ave – you know, where the guys with the muscle cars would shop up and show off their chrome – maybe have the occasional race.  All the while, a supersonic masterblaster of a car stereo would pump out Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas.  Us fucking kids, on our BMX bikes, sneaking beers and tokes, looking at the cool cars – and the woman those cars attracted.  Occasionally, there’d be a fucking drag race up Carling too.  Fuck’n right!  Well, watching this video brings those memories back.  A right fucking classic.