Always willing to tell you what I think, especially when it comes to the filth and flander of the blessed rock music, a recent rant within a social media feed made me think hard about this.  It comes easy to me, as there was no room for closed mindedness in my childhood when it came to learning about music.  My father’s record collection had everything from The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin to Mozart to The Beach Boys to The Association, and Gordon Lightfoot – just name a few.  All of this music is great, and I sure listened to the fuck out of it all.
When Metal came into my life, I didn’t, all of a sudden, think all of this classic stuff “sucked”.  Many of friends did though.  I still have friends that hate anything that isn’t British punk rock.  Sure, there is plenty of music I could do without, but if they have had the gumption to get it to the point that you are hearing it, it doesn’t “suck”.  The first time I had pals tell me that Pink Floyd “sucks” I can remember thinking they were right fucking idiots.  He knows who he is, so I won’t rub his nose in it, but a close pal of mine got his head slapped by another pal of mine for saying Floyd sucked.  The sheer musical ability in that band negates the idea that they suck, and for fuck sake Roger Waters has written some of the most haunting lyrics of all time.  Still, the punks fucking hate that band.  In this online feed we were going on about how Dave Grohl has decided to take a proactive attitude about music preservation via his various documentaries.  I threw a couple of idiotic jabs at Foo Fighters myself that afternoon (I may have sparked up a bit beforehand), and I admit I have never been much of a fan of the band, but that doesn’t mean they suck.  I mean, they can play, tour, make decent money at it, and heck, get their asses on a HBO show.  So, no, they don’t suck.  One of the comments in this feed that hit me hard was about how we (artistic folk) are a village, and it takes all kinds to make it work.  I love this analogy.  Not to get all philosophical or anything, but perspective is everything. I mean, if it was all awesome, you wouldn’t get all that excited when your ‘favorite’ came around and kicked your ass.

The other part of this whole “shit sucks” business, is the notion that once something becomes popular it no longer has the appeal.  That shit is stupid.  Okay, it’s awesome that your record collection has a pile of hidden gems in it, and yeah maybe it isn’t the same once the whole world knows about them, but to stop liking them because they found success is ridiculous.  Most folk that make songs do so to get the songs out there – to have people hear them.  So, to break ties with them once they reach a number bigger than what you are comfortable with is just silly, and quite frankly selfish.  To hate a band because they have accomplished what they set out to do doesn’t make you a fan of that band, it makes you a fuckhead.  So may people shit all over Zeppelin and Floyd because of their massive success.  My advice, for what it’s worth, is ignore that bullshit.  If music tickles your ears, even if it is Foo Fighters or Nickelback, then hold it high with pride and block out all they naysayers.  Personally, if you can’t find the glorious magic in the rhythm section of Bonham and Jones, accented by the wizardry of Jimmy Page, you need your fucking head checked.  You might not like it, but it simply does not suck.