61dRfxrsunL._SL500_AA280_Dan holds this song in the highest regard.  When he was a wee lad, his older brother was trying to teach him some folk shit on the guitar.  When Dan saw this fucking tune played on the Power Hour he knew it wasn’t gonna be fucking nylon strings for him – he wanted to riff the fuck out.  Dan heralds the riffage of Rob Urbinati as one of the earliest, if the not the exact moment when he knew he wanted to play the heavy shit.  We all saw this song on Power Hour on Canada’s Much Music or on MTVs Headbangers Ball.  When that double kick flies off the handle, all hair in the room begins to spin.  And those vocals; you may say screeching, I say fucking right awesome!  One of our earliest and fondest memories of thrash metal in Canada.  Sweet tits this is a good song.