Right about the time I started buying my own records, it was thrash metal that was making me crazy.  I fucking love the fast, intricate riffage that made thrash a mainstay for many young men in the 1980s.  I spent the early part of the 80s loving Iron Maiden, the middle part of the 80s as a die-hard Metallica fan, and the end of the 80s loving anything and everything Slayer.  The only way any of us in Canada got the chance to find out about what was coming next in the world of metal was by watching the Power Hour on Much Music.  I guess the show started as a one-day-a-week thing, on Thursday’s, but as it’s popularity rose, a Tuesday show was added.  Now we got two days of Metal!

hqdefaultWeek after week, I would stand in front of the television and fucking air guitar to the onslaught on riffage and blistering vocals.  Hearing Reanimation by Sacrifice played as the theme music only strengthened my faith is thrash, as these fuckers had the theme song of the best metal show around, and they were fucking Canadian just like me.  The show has a huge variance of hosts over the years, from fancy pants news anchor in the states J.D. Roberts to the ever-loving voice over man Steve Anthony, to the sassy Erica Ehm, to that rolly-polly pile of rock lard Dan Gallagher.  I blew through VHS tape after VHS tape filled with the filthiest rock videos of all time.  I mark this as the first time I gave a shit about being home in time for a television show.  I still remember the day they first aired the video for One by Metallica.  I think my dad ordered pizza for a pile of my friends and I to shove in our faces as we watched what would be the beginning of the end of our favorite band on the planet.

0The show went on from 1986 to 1991, where it was then replaced by a watered down version titled Power 30.  Metal was dying at that point anyway, and that favorite band of ours was destroying everything for everyone with the help of legendary Canadian producer Bob Rock, who wouldn’t know a metal album if it had a threesome with him and Terry David Mulligan.  That being said, those five years had us all running home to hit record on the VHS so we could have our friends over to throw the goat at the television.  Thank you Power Hour.  Here’s the opening credits with Reanimation from Canada’s Sacrifice playing in the background.  Fuck yeah! \m/