451074661Lickity fucking tickity, the time is almost here.  Join Fats and Dan, from opposite corners of the continent, as they tackle such subjects as Celsius versus Fahrenheit, Footlong versus All-Beef, 420 versus 520, stage flatulence, and oh yeah, piles and piles of rock, metal, punk, and ALL that may tickle their ears.  Each Monday, these international brothers of tiger tamers bring you a new episode, featuring an interview from like-mined entertainers who agree with the notion that not only is rock not dead – it’s thriving.

Week one kicks off on December 1, with a fucking A right conversation with Canadian thrash metal icon and legend Rob Urbinati of Sacrifice.  Dan and Rob dive deep into the ups and downs of Sacrifice, and their jump from Reanimation to the chaos of Soldiers of Misfortune.  True Canadian Metal originals!

microphone1Following weeks find us debating the intricate subtleties of groupie appreciation for classic rock artists versus thrash artists, breaking down the genres of 80s hair metal, and sharing road stories with folks like Ottawa’s Mr. Tom Stewart and Toronto’s Neon Knight Sir Ian Blurton.

So as to not keep you in suspense any longer, here’s a little fucking B-roll of stuff we thought we might give ya a quick listen to – to wet your whistle if we may.  Fucking A Rights. See ya December 1!

Podcast Teaser